How long should I keep my child away from nursery if they are unwell?

It is important that we control the spread of infection at the nursery. In order to do so we enforce the following exclusion times:
Tonsillitis - If antibiotics are prescribed, 24 hours after beginning course;
Diarrhoea and/or vomiting, Gastroenteritis or food posioning - clear of symptoms for 48 hours since the last loose stool or period of vomiting.
Bacterial conjunctivitis - until treated with antibiotics for 24 hours.
Chicken pox - 7 days from onset of rash.
Whooping cough - 21 days from onset of typical cough.
German measles - 6 days from onset of a rash.
Measles - 4 days from onset of a rash.
Head lice - until treatment is successful.
Mumps - When swelling has subsided but no less than 7 days from onset.
Impetigo - until skin has healed (should be on doctors advice)

This list is not exhaustive, for further information on childhood illnesses and the signs and symptoms which accompany them, please visit the NHS website at

If your child should become unwell whilst at nursery you will be contacted and asked to collect them as soon as possible.