Working in partnership with you!

We always ain to wotk with you as a partner in the care of your child, as you know your child best. The most effective way to get to know you is through frequent verbal communication with the Day Care team.
At Propps Hall Day Care we encourage all our parents to actively participate in shaping our nursery. We believe in developing parental partnership by promoting positive involvement of parents and carers and valuing, respecting and understanding their contributions in children's development and learning.
Day Care staff will consult with and offer a range of opportunities for parents and carers to access information and advice on how they can support their children's devlopment and learning. Day Care staff will regularly seek the views and opinions of parents and carersand act upon then where appropriate. Staff will ensure that parents and careres are able to communicate with staff on a regular basis, both formally and informally according to need.
We strive to foster an inclusive, welcoming, friendly and accessible environment where everyone is valued.

Copies of our policies and procedures are displayed throughout the setting. Comments or complaints from parents and carers are contained in a folder and the Day Care Manager will show you where this is kept.

We aim to offer you as much information as possible about our setting. You will find various information boards around the nursery including a Parent notice board and specific information boards outside each base room. Where possible, menus and food information will be displayed and a lending library may also be provided.

Effective communication

Effective communication is the key to building positive relationships between you and the Day Care staff. Verbal communication is always best but we also have other ways we can communicate with you to compliment this, as detailed below:-
    - Email updates - it may be possible for you to receive
      information from the nursery via email rather than sending a
      hard copy. Please ensure that you provide up to date email
    - Written communication - this is usually in the form of daily 
      communication books.
    - Parent information/Key worker events.
    - Monthly newsletters
    - Parent Nursery Association meetings.

You can request a meeting to discuss your child's progress with the Day Care Manager or key person at any time.

Parent Information/Key Worker Events

The nursery will hold two key worker events per year. This will gove you the opportunity to meet with your child's key person to discuss their progress and development and give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

We welcome any suggestions or feedback from you regarding all aspects of the day care. We welcome your comments and suggestions via our parent surveys, and informally through discussions with the day care team.