Day Care Policies and Procedures

Propps Hall Day Care have an extensive list of policies and procdeures in place to ensure that your child receives the best care and education. Copies of oour policies and procedures are displayed in nursery and are available to view at any time, please ask a member of staff.


To promote equal opportunities at our setting we ensure that we:

  • Procure a diverse range of dressing up clothes, toys and equipment together with running regular projects about different religions and family cultures.
  • Encourage role play outside stereotypical roles.
  • Actively implement the key person approach.
  • Make available to all children equipment such as dolls, dressing up clothes etc. irrespective of gender.
  • Ensure that our staff are aware of the Propps Hall and Oldham MBC policies on equal opportunities and implement these on a daily basis.
  • Encourage and develop positive attiudes.
  • Challenge any inappropriate practices and attitudes.
  • Regularly review childcare practice to ensure the policy is effective.
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Special Needs
We endeavour to meet all children's individual needs and aim to include every child regardless of any special needs, whilst ensuring the needs of other children will not be disadvantaged. Children with special education needs (including children with physical disabilities, learning or behavioural difficulties and gifted children) are welcome in our setting.
Depending on the nature of the special need, consideration will be givento access, toileting, availability of specialist equipment and additional adult help. Careful planning with parents to consider the individual child's needs and wants will be particularly important for the child's welfare and happiness. Health Visitors, Social Workers and any others involved in the care of the child should be involved in consultation prior to the child's admittance to the setting, to ensure that the child's needs are being catered for. Propps Hall Day Care has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) who is fully trained in the code of practice for the identification and assessment of special educational needs.

1. Physical punishment, such as smacking or shaking, will neither be used or threatened.
2. Techniques intnded to single out and humiliate children, such as the "naughty chair", will not be used. Older children may be asked to sit on the "thinking chair" to reflect upon their actions.
3. Children who misbehave will be given one- to-one adult support in seeing what was wrong and working towards a better pattern.
4. Adults will not shout or raise their voices in a threatening way.
5. Any behaviour difficulties will be handled in a developmentally appropriate fashion, respecting individual children's levels of maturity and understanding.
6. Recurring problems will be tackled by the whole day care team, in partnership with the child's parents/carers, using objective observatiob records to establish an understanding of the cause.
7. Adults will be aware that some kinds of behaviour may arise from a child's additional needs.

On occasion children may demonstrate unwanted behaviour in the form of shouting, biting, hitting or attempting to destroy resources. This can be a phase children go through whilst they are learnin the art of self control. These incidences will be few and far between and will not ordinarily raise cause for concern. On occasions a child may demonstrate these traits more often than normal. Under these circumstances a child will be supported to control their behaviour and parents will be informed so we can wirk together to establish a strong support network to erradicate the unwanted behaviour.

Raising Concerns

What should I do if I have a concern?

If you have a concern that you wish to address in relation to the care that your child receives at the nursery, this should be raised immediately with the Day Care Manager. The manager will listen and endeavour to work with you and the team to reach a resolution. The matter will be logged on a concern or complaint form, depending on what the matter relates to. We would ask you to offer the Day Care Manager the opportunity to resolve the situation in the first instance. Please feel free to speak to the room staff or Day Care Manager about any concerns.
Please feel free to ask for a copy of our complaints policy.