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At Propps Hall Day Care we know that a varied and nutritionally balanced diet is essential to every child’s development. Children will enjoy breakfast, a morning snack of fruit, a hot lunch served with pudding, afternoon snack of fruit and a high tea with pudding. In addition to milk or water at meal times, drinking water is available throughout the day. Our delicious meals and  warm approach to meal times ensure any child’s eating habits are developed with patience, understanding and encouragement.

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From March 1st we will be implementing some changes to our tea time menu and we would like to keep you informed of the changes.

High tea will now be a cold tea of sandwiches, crackers, wraps and salads followed by fresh fruit. These ingredients will be prepared by the Day Care staff and the children will be invited to make their own choices of what they would like to eat and then make up their sandwich, cracker or wrap. This allows your child/ren to gain and develop skills, allows freedom of choice and enjoy quality time with their key person.

For those children that are at weaning stage, we will encourage children to finger and taste the foods that are suitable for their age. If you would like to provide a jar of ready prepared baby food for your child to have in the afternoon, please pack it in your child’s bag, labelled with your child’s name and let staff know so that this can be stored and prepared appropriately.

The Advisory Panel on Food and Nutrition in Early Years states:  Children can help staff prepare for snacks and meals by, for instance, helping to prepare the fruit or bake the bread and by laying the table. Meal and snack times should be occasions when children can exercise choice and learn about turn taking as well as the social and community aspects of eating and drinking with others.”

We follow the recommendations of the 'Food Standards Agency' with regard to feeding babies and young children.

If you require any further information or would like a copy of the Guidance for food and drink provision in early years settings (March 2010) produced by the Advisory Panel on Food and Nutrition in Early Years, please speak to a member of the staff team.