Payment Policy

Propps Hall Day Care operates a rigorous payment policy which is strictly adhered to. Please take the time to read this information carefully.

* A registration deposit of £50 must be made to secure a place when you register your child on the waiting list, this will be deducted from the first weeks fees.
* Payment of fees must be made on the first day of each week that your child attends. Payment is in advance.
* If your payment is not received promptly, reminders will be issued mid week followed by written notification. If, at the end of two weeks, arrears have not been paid in full, your child's place will be terminated. You will be informed of the termination in writing.
* The nursery is closed during Christmas. The nursery will close for additional days during the year to facilitate staff training. No charges will be made for these closures. Parents wlil be informed of the closure dates in advance. Nursery closes for all standard Bank Holidays - full charges apply for these days.
* Sickness and general absences - we are unable to extend any discount for absences. All sessions must be paid for in full regardless of your child's attendance. Should your child be hospitalised, a 50% reduction will apply. We will require confirmation from the hospital of your child's admission.
* A 15% reduction of fees is made for siblings attending the nursery.
* Families are entitled to two weeks each year for holidays, which will be charged at 50% of the normal cost. The holiday year starts from the date your child commences nursery. Holidays must be booked in advance and holiday fors are obtainable from the nursery. For children attending part time, entitlement will be pro rata to the times your child attends.
* Propps Halll Day Care requires two weeks clear notice when you wish to terminate your child's place. This is to allow us time to allocate the place to another child on tour waiting list. In the event of your child leaving without notice, the nursery will invoce you for the cost of the two week placement.
* Late collection of your child will incur extra costs and will be charged by the half hour.
* If you are experiencing financial difficulties it is essential you speak, in confidence, with the Day Care Manager who will advise you accrding to your circumstances.

Please note if your child leaves nursery with outstanding arrears, legal action will be taken for recovery. This may lead to a County Court Judgement being taken against you.

Support with Childcare Fees

Childcare Vouchers
A childcare voucher scheme is a scheme some employers offer to help working parents save on registered childcare costs. Childcare vouchers are not means tested and are available to all working parents whose employers operate childcare voucher schemes. These schemes can save you National Insurance and Income Tax as a set weekly amount can be deducted from your salary and used to provide childcare vouchers for the same amount. The amount is deducted from the gross salary and is exempt from National Insurance and Income Tax. Our nursery accepts all childcare vouchers.
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Tax Credits (child benefit)
Nine out of ten families are eligible for some financial assistance through the Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. The amount you will receive will depend on your circumstances. Working Tax Credit includes a childcare element to help families who are working and spending money on childcare.
For more details visit the Direct Gov website:

Nursery Education Grant
 The Government introduced the Nursery Education Grant to provide a free early edcation placce for most three year olds and all four year olds. A grant may therefore be available for your child. The amount available fper child changes from year to year depending on Government funding. The Day Care Manager will be able to confirm the current amount to you and explain how the system works.
For more details visit the Direct Gov website: